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Cancelling Rakuten Mobile

And yes, you will have to mail them back the SIM card

Nicholas Wong
Nicholas Wong

It was kinda frustrating trying to cancel an account in japan. Nothing is automated, I guess they wanted it this way, harder to cancel things. Plus, there are cancelling fee (none for me since i am using data-only plan), and penalty fee if you don’t send back the SIM card (I have no idea why would they need it). Anyways, hope you find this article useful.

That being said, I think it’s already very user-friendly. At least they speak English and I heard other providers have even higher cancelation fee.

Well, for some background context. I applied a data-only SIM and used a Skype phone number when I first arrive Japan. After a month I found that Skype number doesn’t receive SMS and I cannot register with some Japan only apps. So I applied another one with data + SMS, and cancelled the old one. Interesting thing though, I cannot add SMS service to my plan unless i cancel and reapply a new account (Fuck!).

Step 1: Call them

0800-600-0000; 1; 5 -> 解約

Call 0800-600-0000, and press 1 and then 5. You will have to wait for a representative. Luckily they speak English.

Step 2: Provide you info

You will need to provide the phone number that you register the account (not the phone number you are using, WTF), and then tell them which phone number to cancel after they found your account.

Step 3: Cancelled

At this point the account is cancelled, just have to pay for the last month. If you cancelled it by 15th, account would be cancelled on the last day of the same month. If you cancelled it after 15th, you account would be cancelled on the last day of the next month.

Step 4: Send back SIM card for no reason

You would have to send back the SIM card by one month after the account is cancelled. They warned me if I didn’t send back the SIM card I might be charged for a penalty fee, depending on the situation. This is the address, let me know if they changed it.

107-0052 東京都港区赤坂4-2-19 赤坂SHASTA.EAST 5F 楽天モバイルSIM 返却係り
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