Use Only One Adapter Within Multiple Network Adapters

Use Only One Adapter Within Multiple Network Adapters

Suppose we have more than one network adapter, how could we designate the adapter used to access the Internet? One way would be manually configure the default gateway.

Easy way (2 adapters and with little networking knowledge):

Suppose you want to use wireless connection in the condition of having both wire and wireless connection at the same time.

  1. Open up a CMD with administrator right.
  2. Connect internet wire.
  3. Delete default gateway by typing “route delete” in CMD opened.
  4. Connect wireless.

Advanced way:

Suppose you have multiple connections to the internet with a number of connections. you can assign default gateway.

  1. Establish all the connections
  2. Open up a CMD with administrator right.
  3. Type “ipconfig /all” and you should be able to see a number of network connections.
  4. Jot down the gateway of the connection you want to use to access the internet.
  5. Delete all the default gateway by typing “route delete”.
  6. Create a default gateway to (suppose this is the gateway you want) by typing “route add mask”.

Also, you can add static routes for hosts you need to reach via any adapter. As a result you can access internet with one connection and send files to friends with another adapter.

  • After the previous steps, Create static routes to (suppose it is your friend’s IP address) via the gateway (suppose it is the desired gateway you want to use to send the files) by typing “route add mask”.

It is useless to read without a real practice! Try it and you will know how it works!