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K Smallest Elements In List

Nicholas Wong
Nicholas Wong


Write an efficient program for printing k largest elements in an array. Elements in array can be in any order.
For example, if given array is [1, 23, 12, 9, 30, 2, 50] and you are asked for the largest 3 elements i.e., k = 3 then your program should print 50, 30 and 23.


  1. Sort the elements in descending order in O(nLogn)
  2. Print the first k numbers of the sorted array O(k).


def k_smallest(arr, k):
    for i in range(k): print (arr[i], end =" ")

arr = [1, 23, 12, 9, 30, 2, 50]
k = 3
k_smallest(arr, k)

Nicholas Wong

Fullstack software engineer with strong background in computer science and extensive experience in software engineering and architecture. Studied in NYU, worked in Yahoo, Rakuten and Manulife.