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Identify Prime Numbers

Nicholas Wong
Nicholas Wong


Write an algorithm to identify prime numbers from a list of numbers ranging 0-100.


The main question is actually to write a program to check if a number is prime. There are 4 situations.

  1. If number is 0 or 1, it is not prime.

  2. if the number is 2, it is prime.

  3. if the number is even, it is not prime.

  4. if number is greater than 3, and not divisible by all odd numbers (except 1) smaller than the square root of the input number, it is prime.


public class InterviewPracticeExtra05 {

    private static boolean is_prime(int input) {
        if (input <= 1) return false;
        if (input == 2) return true;
        if (input % 2 == 0) return false;
        for (int i = 3; i * i <= input; i += 2) {
            if (input % i == 0) return false;
        return true;
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        for (int i = 0; i <= 100; i++) {
            if (is_prime(i)) System.out.println(i);



Nicholas Wong

Fullstack software engineer with strong background in computer science and extensive experience in software engineering and architecture. Studied in NYU, worked in Yahoo, Rakuten and Manulife.